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NBC: Saturday Night Live - sections: What's New, Screening Room, Players, Coffee Talk, Behind the Scenes, Online Store, and SNL Club.

SATURDAY NET- an unofficial page for Saturday Night Live - sections: SNL Episode Guide, Castmember Timeline, SNL reruns this week, and SNL links.

The Saturday Night Live Cast Net - sections: news, cast links, articles, "SNL" links, and polls.

Saturday Night Live Transcripts - sections: Season-by-Season, Cast Members, Musical Guests, SNL Links, Impressions, Guestbook, and Message Board.

Saturday Night Live '97-'98! - sections: Multimedia, Best of the Season, 97-98 Season, Transcripts, Forum, Autographs, Fan of the Month, Guests, Links, and Poll.

"Saturday Night" Archives - sections: The Players, FAQ Lists, and Other Resources.

SNL Headquarters - sections: SNLHQ Awards, News, Multimedia, Cast Bios, Upcoming Episodes, Episode Reviews, Poll, Links, Guestbook, and Mailing List.

SNL On the Web! - sections: Cast Bios, Casts 75-01, Episode Guide, Special Section, and Links.

Comedygirl's SNL Page - sections: Sounds, Pictures, General Quiz, Quote Quiz, Tribute, and Cast member list. - sections: By The Numbers, Cast, Casts of SNL (1975-2001), Curse, Deep Thoughts, History, Guests, Guestbook, Linking Back, Links, Live!, SNL Experiences, My Video Collection, Past Guests, Reviews, Ticket Info, Trivia Quiz, Upcoming Episodes, and Videos.

Saturday Night Live - Information and Biography Center - sections: Audio, Cast Biographies, Chat Room, Episode Reviews, Facts, FAQ, History, Horoscope, Links, Mailing List, Message Board, My Collection, My SNL Experience, News, Pictures, Rumors, Schedule, Studio Store, Videos, and Voting Polls.

A Little Piece of the Best - sections: Sully and Zazoo Forever!, Cheri Oteri: SNL Queen, What is a Fallon Aid?, Rachel Dratch: The Next Oteri?, Pics of the Best Moments, Best Monologues, My Episode Reviews, Reasons To Watch SNL, SNL Poll Room, ALPOTB of David Spade, SNL Autographs, Farley: A Friend Remembers, Fallon Live: My Story, and My Dream Hosts/Musical Guests.