Horatio Sanz

A native of Chicago, Horatio Sanz returns to the cast of "SNL" for his eighth season.

Sanz has performed in numerous sketches and created such characters as the stoner "Gobi" on the collegiate webcast "Jarrett's Room," Sully and Denise's friend Frankie, The "Wake Up Wakefield" faculty advisor Mr. Banglian, community access host Vasquez Gomez Vasquez and Jasper Hahn, the political cartoonist for "Weekend Update." Over the years, Sanz, backed by castmates Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan, have sung the praises of the holiday season, performing "Christmas is Number One" throughout the year...regardless of the calendar. His impressions include Ozzy Osbourne, Elton John, Gene Shalit, and Aaron Neville.

Most recently, Sanz filled in for Tina Fey on "Weekend Update" while she was on maternity leave.

Sanz has been seen in the feature films "Boat Trip," "Tomcats" "Rebound" and the hit movie "Road Trip." Up next, Sanz will appear in Curtis Hanson's "Lucky You" opposite Drew Barrymore.

He has also appeared on NBC's "Ed" opposite Chris Parnell as well as on the Upright Citizens Brigade "A.S.S.S.S.C.A.T. Improv" special on Bravo.

Prior to "SNL," Sanz was a writer and performer at theaters including the Court Theater and Chicago's famed Second City. Second City has also produced current cast members Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey as well as such famed "SNL" alums as John Belushi, Chris Farley and Bill Murray (among many others). He is also one of the founding members of The Upright Citizens Brigade.

Sanz lives in New York. His birthday is June 4.