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I know what you are thinking. "Sean, your site clearly has everything that any 'SNL' fan could ever hope to find while sitting at the computer in their underpants on a lonely Friday night." I'm inclined to agree. But my Uncle Bill always tells me the people love links. Below, a collection of sites that generally don't suck.

NBC.com > Saturday Night Live - Once little more than a repository for cast bios, NBC's official "SNL" page is now practically cluttered with content. Knock yourself out.

Saturday Net - The most thorough (and searchable) "SNL" episode guide on the internet since 1994, the site also features a handy cast member and writer timeline.

The SNL Archives - Casts, characters, guests, episodes, and more are linked in an impressive network of "SNL" data.

Saturday Night Live Transcripts - With over 3,000 transcripts, you and a loved one can reenact a Spartan Cheerleaders sketch in your living room today.

Saturday Night You - Several "SNL" writer wannabes blog their jokes.

alt.tv.snl | Google Groups - The "SNL" newsgroup on Google. Read, reply, spam.

Saturday Night Live - IMDb.com - "SNL" on the Internet Movie Database.

Saturday Night Live - Wikipedia - A historical overview of "SNL" on the user-edited, online encyclopedia.

FallonFey.com - Quotes, pictures, and video from the Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey years of "Weekend Update." Weren't they, like, so cute together?

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey - The official website celebrating an old "SNL" staple.

LorneMichaels.com - Visit today and tell him I sent ya! (Then ask politely if he can hook me up with a job.)

Cast Member Pages


Fallonized.org - Jimmy Fallon fan site

HaderWithAd.com - Bill Hader fan site.





FakeNews.net - Norm Macdonald fan site.





Chris Rock :: Official Website



Wigging Over Wiig - Kristen Wiig fan site.